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Sr. Diesel Engineer - Overall Engine Development

Baoding,, Hebei
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Sr. Diesel Engineer - Overall Engine Development

Work Location: Baoding, Hebei, China

Current Status of opportunity:

1. Working for this large prestigious automotive company in China you will be challenged.  At present, there’s no overall design matching, development methods & experience for the whole diesel after-treatment system. The solution of system problems such as non-standard emission depends on The Technical Center.
2. However, for diesel external sales projects, engineer will package the after-treatment system, also will be responsible for emission calibration on vehicle, need to comprehensively identify the emission risk, analyze and provide the best solution from the perspective of vehicle—engine—after treatment system matching.
3. There’s a big gap between diesel NVH level and benchmark level, which needs to be improved through the integrated design and customer perception of overall vehicle.

Challenges that need to be solved:
1. In the process of diesel engine development, combustion system——internal purification system——post-treatment system integration and problem analysis & solution, such as: high / low pressure EGR system matching/ application strategy and problem solution; control requirements for the whole engine emissions in the RDE cycle process; after-treatment(ex: SCR, DPF, LNT and accessories design matching, application strategy, model selection, test verification, risk aversion and problem solution).
2. Feasibility analysis of new technology application in next generation engine R&D, and can generate the matching design, analysis and overall development abilities for whole vehicle engine and after treatment system.
3. Improve the NVH quality of passenger cars, meet the increasingly critical customer perception, improve the vehicle NVH surprise perception, and eliminate customer concerns about diesel engine noise.

1. Responsible for design development, matching, verification and problems analysis about emission after treatment system and powertrain system of overall vehicle.
2. Responsible for analyzing root cause of risks/problems and making improvement solutions/countermeasures for components
3. Responsible for making plans of verification methods for overall engine- aftertreatment system components
4. Responsible for making design process and standards with a deep understanding about advanced technologies of diesel-aftertreatment system
5. Responsible for making overall technical solutions to meet emission and fuel consumption standards in the future
6. Supporting for quality problems of the engines after SOP 
7. Responsible for integration design and analysis of engine and vehicle powertrain and emission system
8. Responsible for the overall NVH target achievement planning and breakdown implementation.
9. Responsible for the quick solutions of problems by customers, the formulation of later quality measures and the prevention of problems

1.BS Degree but prefer Master degree or above                                              
2. Vehicle Engineering, Internal Combustion Engine and other related majors. 
3. Over 10-15 years working experience in vehicle and after treatment system design , strong organization and coordination ability.
4. Necessary abilities: personnel training, problem solving & improvement, team work & communication, resource management;
5. post skills:
① Leading team members to coordinate the technical integration and application of diesel engine after-treatment system, improve the verification planning ability of the team, and establish efficient and scientific verification standards for the whole engine machine.
②Being familiar with the cutting-edge technology of diesel powertrain system and after-treatment system, and have the promotion and application skills
6. tool skills:
①Familiar with 3D design software Creo and post-processing CAE analysis SW;
②GDT & T: understanding geometric dimension and tolerance, and apply them into the process design;
③DFMEA: familiar with failure mode and failure mechanism in product design and manufacturing process, and be able to put forward corresponding prevention plan.

Interested candidates please submit updated resume for quick confidential consideration.  This is an excellent opportunity for a key leadership role in one of China's leading automobile companies.
Bob Jones
Professional Recruiter/Owner
Bob Jones & Associates, Inc.

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